Navan Theatre Group is an amateur drama and theatre group based in Navan, County Meath. We have a diverse and growing membership.

Since 1991 we have performed a full length play each November and more recently have performed one acts plays in the spring. We are also committed to developing skills within the group and this year we have commenced a number of workshops for members.  


We rehearse in the Community Centre in Navan and our performances take place in Solstice Arts Centre, Navan.  


We would be delighted to hear from people interested in joining our group and assisting with all aspects of our productions.  



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The Cast of “Stags and Hens”  (November 2017)

Back Row: Nigel Ryan, Seán Flanagan, Shane Fox, Pádraig McLaughlin

Middle Row: Daryl Marmion, Eoin Kenny, Joanne Donoghue, Clare Atkinson, Ronan Walsh.

Front: Gráinne Brady, Deirdre Doyle, Ciara Cassoni  

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All My Sons  2018  


ALL MY SONS is set in America in 1947 and tells the story of a family business man, Joe Keller. Joe has allowed defective engine parts to be sent to the army air force rather than stop the process and lose his contract, which would lead to the closure of his business. Men die as a result and Joe allows someone else to take the blame – the father of the woman his son intends to marry.


All My Sons is about a man who places survival above value, and loyalty to family above responsibility to society. It is a story about loss and a sense of emptiness that ultimately claims everyone. Nobody’s hands are clean. The play was inspired by a real event.


Navan Theatre Group is looking forward to presenting this award winning play by Arthur Miller and invite you to join us to see this much acclaimed American play performed locally in Solstice Arts Centre, Navan.




The All My Sons cast are:


Joe—Pádraig Browne, Kate—Caitríona Heslin, Chris—Pádraig McLaughlin, Annie—Cathy O’Brien, Frank—Seán Flanagan, Lydia—Siobhán Mallon, Jim—Jerry Comyn, Sue—Ciara Cassoni, George—Nigel Ryan.


This year’s director in David Nelson. David is a well-known business man in Navan and was manager of Navan O’Mahony’s Senior Football Team.


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